Need More Traffic to Your Website?

Before you start looking at different traffic strategies or start writing content for your website there’s another step that’s critical for long-term results – keyword research. If you’re not targeting the right keywords all the traffic in the world (paid or otherwise) isn’t going to help you succeed. Let’s look at how your keyword research creates a solid foundation for your website.internet marketing - seo

Keyword research isn’t just the process of finding keywords that meet a certain criteria for number of searches and number of competing pages. Even if you find a keyword that has a lot of searches and almost no competition, it’s not going to be very valuable if the searchers aren’t able to take action when they hit your site.

That means finding targeted traffic is critical. In other words, people who are willing and able to spend money on your offer, or take whatever action you ultimately want them to take.

This is where a lot of internet marketers fail right out of the gate. They target keywords that aren’t very good for generating revenue, even if they have a lot of potential traffic.

There are a couple of ways to identify buying keywords, the first being common sense. Some keywords just aren’t likely to bring in buyers, like any phrase with the word “free” in it. If people search for “free dog training methods” it’s a lot more difficult to convince them to pay for something when they arrive at your site?

Keywords that are very specific, especially if they include product names and model numbers, tend to be a lot more effective at converting visitors into buyers. For instance, if someone is searching for “lg lcd tv model 123 reviews” they’re probably in the market to buy one.

Another way to identify buying keywords is using Google itself. If you search for a keyword with Google and there are zero or very few paid ads, chanc

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es are it’s not a very good keyword to target. “Undiscovered” markets are few and far between so if there are no ads running chances are other marketers have already tried that keyword and failed.

If you’re building a website to generate traffic from natural search you can still use these “non-buying” keywords. Just leave those until your site has some traction and you’ve started to see a profit from the buying traffic. Please visit this website @