How Much Does It Cost You To Get Lean

Healthy body fat should be between 6 to 20% for men and 16-30% for women. However, those people in the fitness industry, as well as models and those who search for the perfect body, have lower numbers than these. The results are that the vascularity, as well as the muscles especially in the midriff area, are more pronounced.
Six pack abs, as well as tight butts, are something that almost everyone craves for but it is not worth it except if you are part of the fitness industry. You, however, should have a healthy range of fat and you should practice healthy habits with regards fitness and nutrition as well.
If you are too extremely geared towards this, however, you need to sacrifice a lot including the outings you go for, the social events as well as other interests too.
A perfect body requires a lot of focus, dedication and hard work. You cannot consume alcohol, have ice creams or workout only occasionally. You need to push yourself to the maximum, and sometimes this is not worth it at all. Life should be about spending time with the people you love, unwinding, relaxing and getting happiness from the little things in life.
Therefore, you need to think as to what is your goal and if it is not only realistic but also maintainable too. After all, all you will get when you have the perfect body is admiring looks and pride. However, is that worth all the stress and all the torture you put yourself through? This is something you need to evaluate for yourself. Would you rather have a healthy body and enjoy life partying and hanging out with your friends, enjoying the occasional ice cream or a few drinks or would you want to stick to sacrificing it for the perfect body.