AC Service Check- Freon Fill Up

Freon Fill Up

Up to 4 lbs Freon (R22 – R410a)

Does your air conditioner need Freon and why don’t companies tell you how much it is going to cost to add Freon to your air conditioner?

Are you tired of companies telling you no!

I sure am. No is a word that just doesn’t fit in my vocabulary. Hello, my name is Jim Eichman and I own the Local AC Company of Services and today is your lucky Freon day, all because you have landed on this website. For Air Conditioning Maintenance call us

Full System Freon Recharge Only $225

For only $225 we will come to your owner occupied home (sorry commercial accounts, you’ll need to call to set up a system evaluation), and recharge your Freon air conditioner up to 4 lbs.

I know what you are thinking….

You are thinking that your system will require way more than 4lbs of Freon and you’ll be charged a fortune. NO, that isn’t the case. All you have to do is go to your outside unit, the outdoor air conditioner, and read the nameplate. It will tell you how much Freon your air conditioner requires in lbs and ounces (some read ounces only) and you can add a maximum of 2 lbs to that to come to the maximum amount of Freon your system holds if it is flat, kaput or completely dry. It isn’t that much.

Thought #2 is:

But, you’ll require me to pay for leak detection and tell me it’s the law! Nope, it isn’t the law. There is no requirement for residential systems to have Freon leak detection or even fix a Freon leak. It really is the Wild Wild West when it comes to your Freon usage for residential systems (You commercial guys though, look out, the government has you on radar). That being said, it doesn’t mean that I can keep pumping in Freon in your system day after day and not break the law.

If I know your system will lose Freon rapidly, then an effort will be made to find and fix the leak.

We are going to do that anyhow and we are going to do it at no charge. We don’t need to spend hardly any time finding most big leaks. They are obvious and they are usually in the same places every time. Don’t worry about a thing; we are here to help you out.

What’s the Guarantee?

The guarantee is that your system is leaking Freon and we guarantee that if it isn’t fixed, it will leak it out again. That is a 100% Guarantee. If you want a guarantee that says you don’t have to pay for Freon again, then you need to go back to the last page and comb through those coupons a little better. We have a guarantee like that, but it involves a little more work and a little more materials and a little more money.

I am throwing in a Bonus because you are probably a little skeptical.

Yes, I have heard of many companies charging as much as $500 – $600 to add Freon to home air conditioners. We have never done that, but we do know that the vast majority of air conditioning problems have nothing to do with the air conditioning system leaking out Freon. That why I am giving you, just for printing out this coupon, a

Free $39 HeatMaxx or CoolMaxx System Survey

Designed by the National Comfort Institute. This will let you know how well your system is working and where we can improve, if needed, your system performance. Just let us know where you got our phone number and make sure you print out the black and white printer friendly coupon of this page.

Call now and start enjoying the cool comfort of your own home,

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