Catch Basin and Storm Drains

Catch Basin and Storm Drains

Catch basins and storm drains help route water from rains, floods and other ground water into the sewer system and away from vulnerable areas of your home. If they get clogged, it can cause severe flooding that will have lasting damage to your home or business.

How do catch basins and storm drains become clogged? They funnel away harmful debris, such as:







These types of material, if allowed into your sewer system, can clog your drains and result severe flooding.Catch Basin and Storm Drain Cleaning Features

To prevent floods and backups during heavy rainfall, you have to maintain your catch basins and storm drains on a regular basis. Luckily for you, The Local Plumbers will perform this maintenance and cleaning check up so you have nothing to worry about.

When we arrive at your home, we will inspect the storm drains and catch basins to determine the cause of any clogs you might be experiencing and clean them out. This involves removing grates and getting into the basins to remove stuck debris. Catch Basin and Storm Drain Cleaning Benefits

Don’t automatically assume that you are the one responsible for cleaning out a storm drain or catch basin. Depending on where they are located, it could be the city’s job, and you are off the hook. Even if it is the sewer department’s responsibility, they might be unaware that you are having a problem and could take them a while to come out and check it. If your storm drain or catch basin is flooding frequently, your best bet would be to call us. We will handle the issue before you have a major problem on your hands.Without regular clean outs, you could:

Damage the concrete sidewalk or driveway because of erosion from excessive water

Have a build up of trash, debris and other items in your yard

Have frequent floods when it rains

Ruin the landscaping near the basin

Ignoring your clogged storm drain or catch basin is not an option. Call your local Plumbers today!

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