Electronic Tattoos Which Convert The Skin To A Screen

There is no limit to technology and the use we put it. In fact, there are e-skins which theoretically can be used for accomplishing various tasks which include monitoring of vital signs and even these make the wearable electronics even more wearable.
These smart skins are being worked upon and the goal is to have electronic sensors which are packaged into super flexible and super thin material. It could be so thin and flexible that it would resemble a temporary tattoo.
These smart skins have the ultimate goal of having a display screen. This will allow vital signs being monitored by hospitals by just using a stick on patch. People in normal day to day lives could have all the capabilities which are offered by a smartphone literally in their palm or wherever else they want.
Due to mobile phones, the communication tools are decreasing in size and they are getting more discrete. In fact, if there were displays which could show stress levels, emotions and unease it could be put to multiple uses. It could lead to a whole different dimension of communication. This skin which is being developed can last for more than a day and it has a coating to prevent vapor and air from entering into it.